Aurora plugin

LJ comes with different plugins. They are handy and nice code example but not necessary, you can generate your pointlists and send them directly to redis keys.

Plugins list :
Square : A very basic example to understand how to easily program your own plugin.
Custom1 : A copy of square, you can modify.
Planetarium : A 4 lasers planetarium.
fft3 : Example how to make LJ audio reactive.
LaserPong : Our laser Pong is back !
pySimu : A full speed laser simulator.
Pose : Display json openpose skeleton animations ans starfields.
Textcycl : Cycle some words with adjustable length on one laser.
LiveWords : Fill the input form and it's displayed. One word / laser.
Anaglyph : A green/red rotating cube. Try it with green/red 3D glasses !