4 lasers align & monitoring interface

LJ is network based. The user interface runs in a browser, in a tablet for example, letting you free to move ! With more than one laser you should think laser server and run LJ on a dedicated computer.

Some LJ features :
  • Live kpps modification for each DAC.
  • Color balancing and Intensity control.
  • Lasers alignment like in videomapping.
  • LJ can script or be scripted (OSC & websockets).
  • Status update every 0.5 seconds : DACs states, number of points sent,...
  • A compiled version (os x and linux) of nannou.org etherdream+laser emulator is included.
  • "Optimisation" points automatically added, can be changed live for glitch art.
  • Some fancy examples are available : 3D anaglyph, Laser Pong,...
  • Midi and audio reactive, look midigen.py and fft3.py.
  • Openpose skeletons animations laser player.
  • Maxwell laser synth emulation plugin.
  • Resolume OSC client.
  • Artnet receiver.
  • ...